Our mediation gives you the fastest and least expensive way to have a professional mediator-attorney help you work out your disagreements and finalize your family matter, such as divorce. Mediation also helps you reduce conflict and stress.

You avoid time delays and extensive costs of going to court! Through mediation we are generally able to resolve disputes without the need to appear in court at all. If you were litigating your family matter in court, it can easily take 9 months to a year. We can help you reduce that time substantially. You can complete your mediation with us and have your mediation agreements in less than a month. Many times your disputes can even be resolved in mediation in the first twenty days after your spouse or the other party is served. Or you can complete our mediation before you even file your matter. Through our comprehensive start to finish document drafting options, you can be finished and move on with your life in less than 3 months.

Mediation means you keep control over your divorce or other family matter, control is in your hands, not the court’s. Understand that a judge has hundreds of cases at any one time. That judge will not be able to schedule your matter for months, if you needed a hearing or trial. That judge has very little time maybe only two hours to hear your case. Our family court judges are excellent but they have serious limits to what time they can devote to you. Clearly, you know a lot more about your case than a judge will ever know. Mediation enables you to utilize your knowledge of your facts and issues to your benefit.

Mediation is confidential. Mediation discussions cannot be used in court. This allows you to speak openly and honestly, without worrying that what you say might be used against you if you are unable to reach full mediation agreement.

Through our mediation you save your hard-earned money. In the United States as a whole, the average mediation is 3 days. Our average is one day.

You eliminate a win-lose atmosphere. Our mediation process is a well-organized procedure that eliminates conflict and promotes understanding and a sense of fairness. By mediating your parenting agreement and issues related to your child, you preserve parenting relationships. So your child also strongly benefits in this mediation process. You promote cooperation now and in your future. Mediation helps you set the stage for better communication in the future with the other party.

Mediation helps you achieve your desired outcomes with minimal stress and frustration.