Our mediation gives you personalized premium services tailored to your needs. You choose from a number of options individually designed for you.

Our family mediator-attorney will provide prompt, timely services Ba level of service you didn’t think existed!

Your mediator is highly experienced in the both the legal and psychological aspects of disputes. She will listen to you and understand your needs.

Family mediation is our primary business. We have 24 years of family mediation and legal representation experience. Our mediation gives you stronger mediation and negotiation skills than retired judges or attorneys who practice in a number of other areas besides family law.

Your mediation brings to you a family mediator-attorney who has a unique background. Included in her background is large corporation business experience that gives her additional understanding of financial issues and high-level negotiation experience.

We have a demonstrated history of commitment to settlement and resolution of family issues. The majority of clients who we have helped in the past 24 years benefit from a prompt settlement.

Our client satisfaction is evident in the fact that for many years a high level of our clients has been referred to us by other happy clients, ex-spouses of clients, families of happy clients, and co-workers of clients.

Our mediation allows you to work out your disagreements in all types of family law matters. Your mediator-attorney helps facilitate productive, respectful discussion with the goal of resolving divorce, physical and legal parenting issues, child support, spousal maintenance, financial division of assets and debts, prenuptial agreements, same-sex partner issues, cohabitation issues, and modification of issues that arise after a divorce, such as modification of parenting time.

Our mediation services are customized to meet your specific needs. This allows us to price your services in the most economical way, allowing you to meet your goals. Services can range from just a day of mediation with the resulting mediation agreement. Or you may want an integrated package of all services to give you the documents you need from the beginning to conclusion of your matter. You pay only for the services that you use.