I wish to acknowledge the law firm of Steiner & Steiner. They recently represented me in a child support case that was extraordinarily difficult.

Steiner & Steiner displayed great integrity and Professionalism. When the court ruled in my favor, I am sure that had Steiner & Steiner not maintained such high standards and resorted to tactics just “to win at all costs” tactics commonly used by other law firms today, I would not have had such great results.

Steiner & Steiner also displayed superior knowledge and skill regarding family law, while maintaining their integrity and professionalism.

The state bar of Arizona should be honored to have the law firm of Steiner & Steiner serving our citizens in Arizona.

Michael C.
Jan White-Steiner and Richard A. Steiner

I cannot begin to express my gratitude and thankfulness to you both for taking on my daughter’s horrific divorce case.

Before your entry into the case, a..through the ineffectual representation that she was receiving from another law firm was a punching bag for her husband. She would emerge from court hearings and meetings with her former attorney in tears.

Thanks to the two of you she is smiling again. You have returned to her something that was stolen by her prior attorney–hope.

Today a…saw first hand what an effective attorney can do in a courtroom. It was a delight to see you in action.

You have restored by daughter’s dignity and confidence. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

David L.
Your dedication, professionalism, and skills have been exceptional.

I will continue to refer friends and people to you.

If any client or possible client ever wants to talk to me as a former client to let them know they are getting the best with you, you may always let them talk to me.

Thanks for everything you have done regarding custody of my son and the other issues in my case.

Sheryl A.

Jan is a dedicated, successful and passionate litigator who cares about the clients she represents and has an impeccable reputation. She is great to work with – courteous and respectful, while always being a strong advocate for her clients. She’s the kind of attorney that gets things done. I’d highly recommend her!

Allie S