In our mediation, you work directly with an expert–a mediator- attorney who has  24 years of experience solely in family law representation and family mediation. Your mediator has negotiated and mediated hundreds of agreements in family law matters.

You also have a choice of start-to-finish document preparation, in addition to your mediation agreements, giving you all the paperwork needed to complete your divorce or other family matter, including a financial agreement and a parenting agreement when needed.

Financial agreement.  A financial agreement is a detailed document  that includes many financial aspects of your divorce or legal separation.  This agreement provides you with a division of assets such as your house.  Mediation can resolve a number of critical issues regarding the house, such as equity and refinancing a mortgage. Other types of assets that are addressed in this agreement are retirement plans.  Your agreement will also include terms related to the division of debts.  Additionally, other financial issues that we can resolve in mediation  include are spousal maintenance, child support and child support-related issues such as taxes.

Your mediated financial agreement is necessary to protect your children and you.  If done effectively, a mediated financial agreement helps things run smoothly for you in your future.

During the past 24 years, I have mediated, negotiated and drafted hundreds of financial agreements, some very complex and some more simple.   Our mediation experience includes division of stock and stock options, business ownership, numerous types of retirement benefits and deferred compensation plans.

We know how critical it is to understand and anticipate financial issues that may arise after your divorce.  Through our experience, we can help you ensure you have a thorough agreement to help avoid problems after a divorce.

Parenting agreement

Parenting agreements are essential in divorce matters and when parents have never been married but have a child together.

A parenting agreement helps protect your child.  It also helps protect your rights as an involved parent. This mediated agreement is highly individual to each case.

Your mediation parenting agreement includes comprehensive details of your physical parenting arrangements to give both your child and you security and a foundation for planning.   The details of your decision-making authority for your child are also resolved in mediation –issues such as choice of school, healthcare and religious upbringing

It is imperative you have very detailed arrangements regarding sharing of holidays and vacations such as summer vacation time.

For your divorce or family matter to be complete, papers must be filed with the court.  We can provide both your initial documents to start the process of protecting your legal rights and your final documents such as a divorce decree, along with your mediation financial agreement and parenting agreement.

Since we will mediate your agreements, we are in the best position to prepare all your other documents necessary to initiate your matter with the court and to finalize your matter.  Having us prepare all documents will help ensure accuracy and thoroughness. Our mediation services will create one integrated package for you.

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